Delta Storage needed a better fit in a construction manager to finish the work on a project already started. SAGE was chosen.

Delta Storage is not your average storage unit. With a vision of a lobby that looks like a high-end restaurant and units you can drive up to, Vincent Di Domenico knew he needed an owner’s representative that would be on par with that level of sophistication. All it took was one meeting and Di Domenico knew he found that with Allentown-based SAGE Design/Build, Inc. Joe Landrigan, president of SAGE served as the owner’s representative, as well as other roles, for Delta Storage and helped navigate through all construction and other issues that came up throughout the project.

“I had a comfort level within the first few minutes. Joe took charge and his knowledge, professionalism and competence eased my mind and I knew that every last detail would be handled,” said Di Domenico. “Joe was in tune with the project and truly understood my vision. I never had to pull him along – in fact, he ran shoulder to shoulder with me the entire time.”

Di Domenico’s 120,000 sq. ft. self-storage facility was already underway in Jersey City when the project started running into construction challenges and started unraveling. SAGE was brought in at the point and the role had to be way more than an owner’s representative or general contractor – the role needed to evolve and Landrigan had to wear multiple hats to turn the situation around. Since Landrigan is a licensed architect, he was able to jump in right away and interpret drawings and explain what needed to be done to get everything back on track.

Delta Storage opened its doors, offering more than 1,000 storage units on December 10, 2015. Di Domenico is already underway with another Delta Storage in Brooklyn, and SAGE has already been contracted from the beginning.

“I know what I’m getting first-hand and there is so much value in bringing Joe in right from the beginning of the second project. I’m enjoying all of the learning through this process too. Joe’s knowledge is energizing and I feed off of that,” said Di Domenico. “With Joe, you will be getting a very organized, professional, thoughtful and competent partner for your job. He goes above and beyond to make sure the job is done, and done right. Every encounter with SAGE has been met with with utmost professionalism.”

“On a job such as this, it’s not uncommon to have 200 architectural drawings to review. Joe (Landrigan) has the knowledge to review them and come back with recommendations quickly and he knows what has to be done, and comes prepared with costs and next steps. When you have a project as large as this one, you need guidance and input. Joe stepped in when I needed that. And he always brought the right resources to the table.” Vincent Di Domenico, Owner of Delta Storage

Location : Brooklyn, NY
Cost range : $10M - $20M
Size : 75,000 SF
Construction type :