Our Process

Discovery Evaluation Implementation Communication


We want to know the ins and outs of your business and start by learning as much as we can about you and your organization.  At this stage, we’ll help you flesh out your goals and establish a plan for working together.  We can help you at any stage of your project and we’ll be able to sort out all of those details together.  Also at this stage, we’ll help you understand and identity the needs vs. wants of the project, and how to balance every aspect. At the end of the day, you want know you have a trusted partner for your project, and one who excels at managing both his or her craft and leverages your budget.  SAGE will undoubtedly be that partner.   



This is the stage where you decide how much or how little you want to be involved.

I would like to be completely hands off.

We Recommend Design-Build

You want someone to handle everything from design to completion, and everything in between.  In this case, you hire a single entity for both design and construction services for the project. This is our preferred method. You can rest assured knowing all details will be handled and you will be kept up to date through ongoing communication. 

I would like to maintain control, but need a design and construction consultant to act as our representative

We Recommend Construction Management Advisor / Consultant

This method is used primarily for very large and/or complex project types, where you, the owner, do not maintain staff in facilities, design, or construction. The Construction Management Advisor (CMA) acts in a consulting role as an extension of your staff and provides expertise in Design, Development, and Construction.

This role is also known as an Owner’s Representative, Project Manager, or Program Manager. The CMA can take on multiple roles based on your needs, budget, and complementary in-house expertise. The work of the CMA can begin with site evaluation, identification, and selection, solicitation for Design and Construction services, overall project budgeting and scheduling, overseeing prime contracts issued by you, just to name a broad range of services provided.

I would like to hire Engineers and Architects myself, but would like you to be a part of the team in the design phase.

We Recommend Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

This is where you hire the Architect and Engineers directly to fully design the project and simultaneously hire the Construction Manager to be part of the team during the design phase. The Construction Manager’s role during design is to provide reliable cost input (generally using a Guaranteed Maximum Price, GMP), scheduling and sequencing to maintain the overall timeframe for the project, constructability reviews, and value engineering as needed to maintain the budget and timeframe for the project.

The main advantage of this method is that you are able to establish a firm budget for the project early in the design process and yet still maintain a level of control over the design. The potential disadvantage of this method, however, is that you still maintain a level of responsibility for the adequacy of the design.

I would like full control.

We Recommend Design-Bid-Build

You have hired an architect or engineer to fully design the project and the next step is to hire the Contractor/Construction Manager to build the facility based on the design documents provided.  The main advantage of this method is that you as the owner, have complete control over the design. The potential disadvantage of this method, is that the you also maintain responsibility for the adequacy of the design which can lead to unnecessary change orders during construction.  Often times, you end up spending your valuable time working as a referee. 



SAGE’s streamlined process will guide you through the entire project – from design to completed construction, utilizing multiple project delivery methods. Built on integrity, SAGE will do whatever it takes for the client’s best interest, every single time. Choosing the right delivery method for your project is essential to meeting your goals – and regardless of the challenges you might face along the way – SAGE is the right partner.

With every project, Joe Landrigan, president of SAGE, is involved on a granular level.  One of his greatest strengths is his ability to pull in the right people for the job, at any time.  Along with 25 years of experience, Joe brings a personal touch to every partnership.  His tried and true philosophy for any client is to build the relationship and to have a presence, every step of the way. 



We pride ourselves on our ability to keep all aspects of the project running smoothly, and communication is no exception.  The team assigned to your project will be in constant communication with your team, in whatever form you need.  If you need a weekly face-to-face meeting, we’re there.  If you want a text or an email at week’s end, we can do that too. We want to assure you that all moving parts are on track and communication is key. Many of our past and current clients tout communication and responsiveness as two of our best attributes. 

You can rest assured knowing we’re handling every last detail, while keeping you in the loop at the same time.  By doing this, it frees your time to focus on your passion, your business and creating long-lasting connections with your customers.