We were right there in the trenches and Joe and his team could not have been more accommodating. The communication and attention to detail were always above par – always timely and transparent.

Thomas Hessen

Vice President of Operations
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We’ve heard comments like “whoever designed this space has done an amazing job at repurposing an old building – turning something old into something modern and relevant”- the feedback is matching what our intent was when we started the project.  We’ve always had the intention of having something warm and welcome  – our new site definitely does not feel like your traditional office space. The very nature of what we do calls for more warmth and a welcoming feel – this space has much more personality and character.  We were able to retain so much of the character – the contrast of old and new is striking.

Paul Barbehenn

Andesa Financial Management
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“Joe Landrigan was given the job on the spot after a walkthrough of one of his other large scale renovations. He went the extra mile throughout the entire phase of this project, clearly stepping outside of his scope of work in order to keep the project going and on track. As Bell Gate Farm grows and develops over the years, there is no other company I would rather seek other than SAGE, and this has everything to do with Joe’s clearheaded and calming “get it done” attitude and the team he surrounds himself with.”

Stephanie Stevens

President, Bell Gate Farm
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“Having Joe and the SAGE team on the job allowed us to concentrate on other areas of the business. We had so much trust in him getting the job done, and the job done right – and that’s the kind of confidence you want to have as the owner. From technical support to emotional support, Joe provided a holistic approach, turning an intimidating and large project into easy, digestible steps. His ability to talk you through the process helped make every aspect attainable and palatable. The bottom line is SAGE knows the products, the process and is prepared at every level.”

Stephen Fischer

President, Garden State Tile
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“As with any construction project, there are many facets that all have to come together and that’s where SAGE excels – bringing the right people and the right information to the table. He got our vision, came to us with a plan and helped us bring this to fruition. SAGE was the perfect partner for this job and you tend to go where you put your trust, much like how we want our clients to feel about us.”

Kris DePaolo

Managing Partner, Werner and Co. Accountants
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“I couldn’t recommend SAGE (Joe) high enough. I’ve been involved in at least ten construction projects and this one was by far the best experience.”

“He’s authentic. Every communication and dealing with him showed how much he cared. He took the time to understand . He started by building the relationship in the proposal process with his preparedness and approach. He was competitively priced, and much like a Lexus dealership, you pay a premium, but you know what you are getting for that premium.”

Peter Cooper

Owner, The Car Wash On Broadway
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“Joe is very organized and is a true professional. Even if it was a problem, it wasn’t a problem in the way it was communicated. That’s a gift. His communication and responsiveness were always his highest priorities. If we needed to make a decision, he kept us all on the same page and if I needed to be pushed to make a decision, he did so with grace. He always presented the pros and cons of each scenario that allowed me to make informed decisions with every aspect of the project.”

Dr. Luis Alvarez

Owner, Alvarez Orthodontics
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